Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Frankenankle Update

This is for those actually interested in what I have to say (well of course you are mildly interested or you wouldn't read) and how my ankle is doing. I can't imagine it is interesting reading... If my ankle weren't broke I probably wouldn't read much of others constant complaining. Not that it's complaining today. It's rather update/good news.

So anyway I had my appt today and I have to be in the boot full time for the rest of the week.... ugh. so on Monday the 6th I can put 25% of my weight on it. I can start to walk with pressure- music to my ears!! So how do we know what 25% of my weight is?? I have to weigh myself, divide that by 4, then put pressure on the scale with my bad foot until I reach 25% so I know how much I can do. Clever, eh? I always wondered how you would know how much to put on it. I figured until it hurt too bad or something. The tricky part is getting ON the scale in the first place. I think if I jump on it- it won't like me.

So after a while I'll work up to 50% and so on and so forth until I am at 100% and no crutches. He give me about 6 weeks to accomplish that.

The best part?? Once I am weight bearing I can take the boot off to sleep! If you have ever slept in one of those you know how uncomfortable it is- and bulky- and hot- and itchy (that last part is probably just my leg healing or muscle atrophy-ing! I will be boot free hopefully in about 5 weeks. I am going to work really super hard.

My next blog will be- a birth announcement! I know you're all ready for those details.

ps- My orthopedic Dr said I have stainless steel in me. He also informed me I will not set off any metal detectors. I am a little disappointed in that news, but I shouldn't let it deter me from trying!

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Triana said...

I feel your pain! Or I should say I quite literally remember feeling your pain. Only on the frankenankle though, because I've never had a cesarean. Hope you are feeling well in body, mind, and spirit :)