Monday, August 30, 2010

Worry Worry Wart!

There will be a baby this week!!! Also I have an ankle appt tomorrow/today. I'm so nervous and excited. I'm worried my range of motion isn't good enough. I really hope to be able to start to put pressure on it. My good knee still screams in pain and pops now. Yikes!

Kirby says it will get better when I get rid of some of this heavy belly. That is this week ready or not. I have to have a c-section (if you ever have a choice natural is better and you heal faster).

I'm worried because walking helps the healing process for the c-section... And I use lots of stomach muscles to use the crutches. Besides pain I don't want to hurt my innards by over doing with the use of my muscles. I guess we'll see. I'm sure I'm not the only pregnant lady that has had to deal with this situation.

I'm also worried cuz this poor baby has had so many pain pills (my OB assures me he'd rather me take them than be in pain, but I still worry).

I must be good at that!

I am also seriously considering another personal choice of which I won't discuss at this time (if you are not dense I'm sure you know what I'm talking about). That also is reason for some worry.

Lastly I'm going to try breast feeding. I attempted with Gavin (over 12 years ago), but had trouble and not enough support. Kirby supports me, but I am afraid I will have the same problem I did with Gavin or be in more pain on top of everything else. At least that is a "normal" worry!

I know everything will be ok and work out. It always does.
Worry is a weird word when you say it over and over.

So besides those annoyong worries I'm also so super excited to meet this precious little guy. I love him so much already. Kirby is nervous and excited, too. This is our 1st, his 2nd, my 3rd, and our blended family's 4th. Plus we sometimes get Cruz. So that will be 5 kids sometimes in my house at once. From newborn to 14!! Of course that number fluctuates with the children's other parents and stuff, but we're always on our toes!

Kirby and I used to almost always get "our" time every other weekend- now we won't. We'll have to be like "normal" families! We are so ready to start this new chapter...

Of all the kids I think Gwyneth is the most excited. I can't wait to see their reactions when they meet their little brother. I wonder if anyone else (besides big sister) will want to hold him?? With that said will I ever get to hold him (I guess this is where him eating all the time will come in handy for me).

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