Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bring on the Pain

It should actually be titled bring on more pain. Or rather let's get rid of the pain!

I would like to be walking by time little R comes, but outlook not so good. Lol Of course I knew that, but its just so weird when it becomes more real- like my next ortho appt is literally the day before my scheduled c-section.

I really wish I could sneak my cookies. I've had to resort to calling them my circular ankle disks. Of course my 12 year old is too smart for my evil cookie tactics.

I had my orthopeadic appt today. We were gone for 4 hours! They took my cast/splint off. That hurt like a mother I didn't say any bad words. I didn't look, but could FEEL. I think I cried more than the kid next to me. How pathetic is that? He probably has better pain medication!

My daughter was with us. I hate to say it upset her pretty bad to see me so upset, but she didn't want to go in the lobby- she stuck it through, the trooper.

My whole foot is still swollen bad. Much worse than I thought. My toes are overstuffed beefy sausages. Rest looks like an alien leg. The about 5ish inch scar with the stitches- disgusting (of course I got a photo!).

So then I had x-rays. Honestly they hurt so bad in the ER I was a little nerve wracked. It wasn't bad. X-ray lady didn't even touch it. Of course I had double lead for the baby.

Verdict: I have 5 screws in my plate. One is crooked. Looks like it was drilled right in the bone. Euww.

Next my stitches came out, I NEVER want to feel those guys again! I never had stitches that weren't the disolving kind. It felt like bee stings all the way. They were big fatty ones too. I had about 12. We'll count them later...

Lastly I got my "walking" boot. I say "walking" cuz I'm not actually allowed to put ANY pressure on it for the next 4 weeks. In fact except for bathroom and shower I have to keep it up pretty much all the time. Going to have to restuff my coushins...

The fun part: I get to do this fun therapy where I practice several times a day moving my ankle to get mobility back. Yay!! I think its not going to be very pleasant.

I also had my OB appt; that was interesting with my 'situation'. Otherwise it went great. Baby is perfect, active, good beat, not ready at all to come. Which is good!

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