Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Up... Again

Where ever did I find the time to blog before heartburn?? That and doing it from my phone so I don't have to get my cripple self to a computer...

Anyway I took a pain pill at midnight so I thought fo sho I would get some sleep. I took my tums, my maalox, and more tums; that stomach acid insists on creeping up despite those pregnancy safe defenses. The "burning" part I can tolerate. It's the waking up cuz the stomach acid got in the back of my mouth part I hate. Especially if I'm sleeping deep and have to cough it out of my wind pipe. Its one thing to choke on the excess saliva pregnancy also presents you with- but over active digestive juices. Yuck!

I will most definately not miss that when this beautiful baby comes. Among some other things: like swelling, shortness of breath, squished ribs, peeing all the time.. Etc. lol.

I really never liked being pregnant with the first two. Gavin I was so young and frankly- freaked out. Plus I didn't know half the things going "wrong" with my body were a part of being pregnant. And I kinda had school (yes, high school) to work on. It seems once I had him my entire world became clear and I didn't fathom love until then. I was young, but he didn't care.

Gwyneth- I was kind of neutral. I kinda felt guilty for Gavin (she was semi-planned) if I got into the excitement too much... But I WAS excited. Not that Gavin would ever care either way. He was excited, too, once I was big and we had talks about it. I was also introduced to a plethora of new pregnancy symptoms (they do say every pregnancy is different and for me it is) that made me down right miserable. Plus I had more concerns for my future (I had grown up some) and financial stability. Of course as always things worked out. Her birth showed me even more love for my children I never thought I was capable of.

This baby- except for my employments horrible disability policy and unwillingness to work with me- I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect. I'm just so excited to be blessed with helping God create life again and that He has entrusted this little person to me! Of course it's no fun staying up with acid gurgling to get in my mouth- I do get lots of time to day dream (or night dream) about my little man and our family. I'm going to miss being pregnant, I think. My squirmy little guy all nestled inside me safe, warm, and happy.

I've been saying he is the bow that ties my blended family together. I believe he will be a delight to all of us and can't wait to meet him.

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