Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shower Day!!!

It was an exciting day. I managed to get to church and that was really good. My cousin and her family went with us and visited ahead of time before the shower. Wish they didn't live so far away!

So my mom and one of my friends were planning the shower. My friend has been sick a lot and was feeling better, but had a relapse... She stopped by to give us the grand prize and games. When I spoke to her before her arrival she was having trouble with the games and her printer. I was worried there wouldn't be many, so my cousin and I thought up a couple on the fly. One was the diaper game. We let the boys take charge of that before bailing the hen party. I think they enjoyed that too much. The broccoli and cheese diaper was nearly overflowing. Also- you can put 12 squares of t.p. Around my belly... Everyone was shocked it was so little when I'm so big!

Anyway the shower was real fun. Lots of people couldn't make it last minute, but those that did had the privelege of sharing an embarrassing moment when we introduced ourselves. Let's just say I have a special group of friends and family and its amazing there aren't more broken bones.

Speaking of broken bones- when I did my therapy afterwards I was able to wiggle my pinky toe!! Woo hoo!! Who'd ever think how exciting it would be to wiggle a little toe!? I liked letting the leg air out... But after a while the ankle got achy and I'm glad to have the boot back on. It only weighs 2 lbs 12 oz, but feels like 20 lbs, hot and cramped... But my foot was glad to be back in!

Someone has the hiccups so I'm going to enjoy that. Like I said on my facebook the other day- I love to feel him move (except maybe on my bladder), its the best feeling.

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