Monday, August 23, 2010

Trucking Along... still

I have cramping tonight! I shouldn't get excited. I'm sure it's just some lame gas. The one time I have had good contractions I started to time and then fell asleep.

The ankle front is about the same. It's really itchy on the non-surgery side. Does that mean those bones are coming together? And hurty on the surgery side. Still gets purple in the shower, but not as bad.

I also haven't noticed any new range of motion. I have an orthopeadic appt on the 2nd- they want me to have full range of motion. At least I think I remember that... I was a bit distracted by the pain I was in. I can't help if the dratted thing won't do as I command. It's like trying to use the force in real life. Or asking the cat to bring me something.

And FYI: We all know the cats do not bring me things because of the opposable thumb issue. It's cuz they don't want to.

My "good" leg is looking beefy compared to the bad one. I blame it on the pregnancy induced edema as well as it's getting a work out and a half! The poor guy's knee is SORE and throbby. I've been putting ice on him. I think my problem is that he's bearing all my weight- all my giant pregnant weight!

Soon, yesss very soon we won't have so much weight on it. I am due in 2 weeks. Oh- its after midnight; make that 1 week and 6 days!

The children start school tomorrow. My son is in middle school. Nuts- I know. I just can't believe how much older he gets every year. He is getting that mature young adult look about him. Still a kid, but my time is limited.

Well I'm still cramping in combination to someone doing acrobatics... Not comfortable! He should know he's too big to be doing that in there and come out to play!

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