Saturday, August 7, 2010

Backseat Cleaner

Every day brings more challenges with the giantness of my pregnancy and the frankenankle...

This newest challenge? Letting the kids take care of me- sort of. Kirby is taking a well deserved day off with one of his good friends in Indy... At GenCon... Where I would slowly be waddling through if I hadn't of fallen. I wanted him to go and have fun. Of course I'm jealous, but its a happy jealousy- for him. He needs a mini break from taking care of me.

So this morning I woke up to excited screams from the boys playing Call of Boring (that's right, Call of BORING on the x-box lol). I asked Gwyneth to please get my pillows, please get my water, please etc. By time I finished my cereal and she was rinsing it out for me she says "I really wish you didn't have a broken ankle cuz this is really annoying!" I told her, "yes it is annoying because I would much rather just get up and do these easy things myself...". She got my point. I also wanted to mention I could have snuck a cookie while pouring my cereal, but that would give my tactics away.

So I asked Cruz for some juice and he got me my fiber drink- double dosage. Ok well that's fine. I suppose I would have needed some today anyway... Those dratted prenatal vitamins!

Okay now the hard part. My shower is tomorrow and I can't do MY cleaning. I'm so anal about how its done. I really can't stand to see the kids (bless their hearts) do it "wrong" either. I was a little nit picky. So I haven't done jack since my fall.

Despite my upcoming shower this stuff needed to be done. I made a list... A very long list that extends well beyond their regular chores (poor kids, lol). They were all 4 really good sports about it. I'll admit I was a tyrant. I thanked them for helping and putting up with me. ... And really- they did an awesome job.

Of course its not exactly how I like it. I wish I could just do a quick once over... But I have to learn patience (funny I keep preaching that to my daughter) and just suck it up. It's a good lesson for them and myself. I'm thinkng more for me. I know things don't have to be perfect and I'm sure my guests will not notice the imperfections I see. I'm sure even my husband won't either, but whatever reason I'm keen on tuning into those. I have to put my focus elsewhere.

I know I don't have to have a perfect house for everyone, but I like it perfect for me. Or rather "my" way as I'm sure others would critisize even me! It's just so nice to relax in a room you know is clean cuz it's all been taken care of. My bedroom is next on my list... Lol... another day- and I say this begrudgingly. :-).

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