Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stomach grumbles, mean hawks, accidents

Are you ever sitting there and you stomach grumbles really loud and you know it's not because you're hungry? You have to go to the bathroom. But you can't go just yet because it isn't ripe. Your body hasn't given you the green light. So you have to wait and listen to yourself rumble and ramble and make all these "preparation" noises (and hope no one else can hear) but you're being super loud... Yeah you know every one has that problem at one point or another, but no one ever admits it. I don't think loud stomach noises is a quality you should brag about, but it is kind of funny.

So anyway speaking of stomachs we went to Burger King (I'm so sick of that place), but we had a request put in by Josh and Cruz. That is probaby what brought on the said stomach rumbles, that stuff just isn't good for you. So while we were waiting on Josh to play a sparrow flies into the window and is soon chased after by a hawk. Apparently the local hawks also go to Burger King for their meals. I didn't even realize they ate sparrows!

So this weekend I changed my clothes more than a teenager girl (and I have never done that).

Yesterday we went to Sonic (only the best place to get a cheeseburger). The lady didn't have a lid on the cup all the way and I put the drinks in my lap and freezing liquid falls right into my crotch. Ohmigosh. It was sooo cold! I felt like I wet myself with frozen urine. I'm SO glad that we can't actually do that. Not that I've wet myself recently, but I think with it being cold it was so miserable. So on the way home I started to get more comfortable becuause it was getting warmer (due to the miracle of body heat) and it almost didn't feel like someone's drink had spilled into the unknown regions of my body... Then I had to get out of the car. You could see your breath it was so cold. It was only a short walk from the car to the door, but I swear I had ice crystals building in the crotch of my pants. It was quite unpleasant.

Then today I was sitting in only the best chair in the house and had my feet up on the ottoman and Garry (the old man cat) hops up and at first puts his butt on my belly and his head up on my knees. He's been cranky all day, with his cat puke stuff, so I turn him around to pet him and get gets up all uncomfortalbe like- I smell something that is raunchy and it isn't just regular ole cat breath. I smell my shirt and it really seriously stinks! I also see a brownish spot on my jeans. So I call kirby over and have him smell it.

So anyway I change my clothes and get a paper towel with water in lou of a wipe and call the cat over to wipe his butt. Wash my hands and go back to being normal. We had company over and I'm a gamer nerd, so we play some D&D, then painted some on our minis!

Lesson: Sometimes you have to treat your animals like you do children if you want to be sanitary, even if it embarrasses them. Garry went in a room and hasn't come out till about an hour ago.

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