Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patty's Fun: work, leprechauns, friends, kotex

I got the "shun" at work. I was gone for 2 days (Friday and Monday) with a detrimental migraine that put me out the entire weekend. I spent the majority of my time feeling miserable with an ice pack (I found it is less messy than toothpaste) on my head in a dark room or laying on the couch. I was not out partying or having fun...

Not one person greeted or said a single thing to me at work for as long as humanly possible, and even then it was only work related things. It was so weird. It's like I got the silent treatment.

Anyway work was work and that is that.

Happy St. Patty's day to everyone that loves green. That is one of my favorite colors. And according to my daughter it's a good thing I wore green because if I didn't a leprechaun would have come in and destroyed my house! Yikes. I hate to clean after kids, I really don't want to see what a leprechaun would do.

I posted on my face book my status update: "no green beer for me :( I did get to talk bananas and toilet paper sales! I love my friends!"

So someone wanted transcripts of my 'highly interesting' conversations... So if anyone else finds my ramblings interesting... or highly interesting here was my reply back:

It went something along the lines of "you're buying bananas and milk? You don't live in this neighborhood, what are you doing buying things like bananas and milk here?!"

My friend, "I was in the neighborhood passing through; I love Miejer!"

Me, "Yes, they have everything you need with low prices."

Insert intermittent conversation about wearing green and how Gwyneth said leprechauns will destroy your house if we didn't wear green so I made sure I had something with green on.

Me- back to what we're doing, " We were on the last roll in both bathrooms, we will soon be in dire need if we don't get this taken care of"

My friend, "Oh I heard there was a sale on the toilet paper." (she's very good at keeping up sales).

"I wouldn't know. Gwyn and I were sniffing deodorant as that was becoming a necessity as well, and getting girl items, you'll have to ask Kirby how the toilet paper sales were..." (seeing as how he already picked up the gi-hugic thing of t.p.).

We parted our ways shortly after that. The conversation was longer than that because I remember saying something about newspapers and how I wouldn't read them for 3 months if I got them.

I once kept one in my bedroom for about that long- I had intentions to read it. Eventually, I only read the advice columns and I think we made a volcano on it afterwards. The volcano lives on top of our fridge with my snail.

I have to tell you this tid bit... Gwyn learned to read so when we first picked up my "girly items" she's like "it's Kotex, MOM" (Of course only I heard her and I think the gross man down by the condoms). I thanked her for pointing that out and offered to let her carry it. Upon further thinking though, I thought it would look really bad for my 6 year old to be carrying my girly items... So I let her carry the deodorant. Just in case there were any other gross men wondering by my daughter. ugh.

Lesson: Changing your attitude is hard. Maybe that is why people change personalities. I kind of like my personality though, so I'll try to continue to improve my attitude.

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A Trip Down Crazy Lane: said...

lol, i remember when i had to carry my first box of tampons...and of course since my mom knows everyone in this town, we had to stop and talk to EVERYONE!