Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blog- worthy terdnado

Kirby told me I haven't made a blog in a while. I think because not much of interest has happened. Well stuff has happened, but nothing blog-worthy.

Well... we did have a tornadoish storm.

Okay, okay tornadoes are blog worthy, but I don't really know what to say about that because while Kirby was out watching the cool hail I was cowered in the pantry with the children (and crabs). Gwyneth was a little freaked out, I had to get stern with her to calm down so I could pay attention to the weather. And the boys reassured her she wouldn't starve because of being in the pantry she started to act a little better (but still scared).

I had to tell them these kinds of storms were usually very fast and we wouldn't be in the pantry long enough to starve.

Of course I had my lap top trying to look at the radar when that started a "would you break your lap top to save your life?" And a "Would you rather keep the T.V. or keep one of the cats?" (they know the answers because they know I'm always too serious). Which of course those questions lead to the string of "would you rathers?" to each other. Of course I can't remember any to share but they are all outlandish and ridiculous. I think one involved poop. Because when there are boys in confined spaces for too long eventually everything will end up with poop, pee, puke, or farting with or without sound effects and profuse laughter.

Gavin can make farting sounds by shrugging his shoulders against his neck. Weird.

So all was safe in our house, but unfortunately the tornado did hit a mobile home in a town about 20 minutes away. No one was killed and there were minor injuries. That got us to thinking of our hasty evacuation process and what we should do next time an emergency pops up. It was good practice. I had thought about it since I moved in this house, but haven't had to put it into action.

Oh and if anyone was wondering a "terdnado" is a waterspout that gets into a sewage plant.

Lesson: Be prepared for quick action and be glad you at least thought ahead, even if you hadn't practiced it.

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