Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No details, what kind of blogger am I?

I was reading that last blog I wrote and while it's very wordy (I tend to get that way) I didn't have any detail for anyone to know what in the h-e-double hockey stocks I'm talking about. Unless you know me and I've talked to you about it.

Anyway, it's just a decision I'm going back and forth in my head. Driving me insane. It's no wonder humans are the only sentient species. If there were more than one species that had to make intelligent decision making skills I don't think it would work out. I drive myself insane thinking.

Speaking of insane today I was a nutcase at work. I was talking to my supervisor and having an informed conversation about one of his accounts when he stops and says. "Hang on there is someone hovering over me giving me weird looks."

Turns out he was on the phone. Oops. I would have been one the wiser because his answering the person on the other end was fitting my conversation perfectly.

I told him to never mind and just ignore me. At least I gave a couple people a good laugh.

Lesson: Don't ask important questions to someone that talks on the phone all day unless you know they are not on the phone. They may not be talking to you.

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