Friday, March 20, 2009

Make Up Day

So Gwyneth was taking extra long getting dressed in the bathroom this morning. When she finally came out and was at the breakfast table I see one bright blue eye smeared here and there. She is smiling.

"Can I wear make up?"

"In first grade?" I say. "Um No." and that is a firm 'um no' as I'm getting a cloth and rinsing it with water to wipe her eye.

"How about fifth grade?" She must have guessed that I would have said another 'um no' to second so guessed to a more reasonable grade. I told her in fifth grade we would talk make up.

For one thing she didn't even have it on both eyes. It was one eye. Someone at work asked if I got a photo and I didn't because I never think of things like that. Of course I'd probably encourage more behavior like that if I did. I didn't get it all off. It looked like lightly smeared in blue eye make up instead of brightly sporadically smudged in a hurry 'maybe mommy won't notice' blue.

Lesson: Don't forget to look at your children in the mornings before they leave the house or you may end up with small surprises through the day. Good thing I paid attention to more than whether they tied their shoes or not!

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Triana said...

That is so funny! I always take pictures. My kids try some funny crap. LOL