Thursday, March 26, 2009

Verbal Spit Up

So I was in a wiating room waiting to speak with a Mr. Souder when another man walks in the room and asks who I'm waiting for. I say "Mark Souder" If you don't know who Mark Souder is, he one the congressman of Indiana. The man laughs at me and says, "Okay I'll tell him one of his legislators are waiting for him."

I hadn't met Mr. Souder before this so I felt pretty goofy. I giggled at myself for like 5 minutes.

Oh and for those of you that follow my blogs on a regular basis... I made up to the birthday boy by making him a card. I used my fancy art skills by drawing a bag on the front and a cat on the inside. It said "I'm sorry I let the cat out of the bag" I think he liked it.

Lesson: Loosen up and laugh at yourself when you can. If you don't others will. Well even if you do others will anyway.


mollie.dirig said...

How did the meeting with Mark Souder go?? :) You're right. Take the time to laugh at yourself. We can be hilarious when we aren't too uptight to see it! Kudos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mollie.dirig said...

What's a "mintuts"? lol Just Kidding!!