Thursday, March 12, 2009

Comments and Drinking Beer

Okay I know I've had some trouble with the comments on my blog... I'm not sure what the problem is I've screwed around with the settings a few times to try to correct it and have a few blogger friends corresponding with me via my myspace to help me out here. So keep on trying to send me your wonderful (or despising) comments and eventually- they will show up. I tweaked it again tonight... so try again.

Anyway- speaking of comments I'm changing the subject I wanted to share something my daughter was asking. She wanted to know specifically what age a "child" was and if I was a child. Of course I want to tell her I'm a child at heart, but I know she wouldn't get it, because then I'd have to explain maturity and how I'm really immature even though I'm older... So I tell her I'm an adult because a child can't and shouldn't have children (hidden lesson here??) and since I have children I can't be a child.

She says "Yeah my dad is like 29, he's so OLD." Ha ha ha ha, she must have forgotten that she just asked me how old Kirby and I were 3 days ago.

Anyway- If you know my children at all, they are very specific, technical, detail oriented- only when it benefits their point of view. It drives me insane. I get technical right back, maybe that is where they get it from?

I basically tell her this: Gavin is 10, therefore he is a pre-teen and at 13 he will be a teenager until he is 20, but at 18 you are considered an adult, but any teenager is still a child. Again I omit the maturity thing.

Gwyneth is amazed because her teacher's helper is 18 so, completely ignoring all my previous logic she says "MY teacher's helper is 18 so she's an adult."

I say, "She may be an adult, but she's still not old enough to drink beer."

Gwyn, "well duh- you're not even old enough to drink beer!"

Bless her heart, she just carded me!

Lesson: Don't let Gwyn know what is in the bottom drawer in the fridge. Also, don't tell her that wine has alcohol... or long island iced teas.

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