Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm having kittens

Yesterday after work I was sitting on the stool eating some grapes and my daugher pats my belly and asks me if I'm having a baby. I'm only 128ish pounds. Does she seriously think my belly is big enough she needs to pat it and ask if there is a wee one inside?

So I tell her yes.

She says "really? I'm going to tell my teacher, so if you're lying to me, then that means that you're making me lie."

Since when do 6 year olds care if they are lying except when they are in trouble for it? Then she tells me she if it is a girl she is going to play with it and if it's not, oh well. I told her she won't want to share. She said she would. She would give her all her old gross stuffed animals.

Wow, I am really raising a thoughtful child. So she made me tell her if I really was or wasn't pregnant because I sure LOOK pregnant. I say yes, I'm having 8 like the lady on t.v., only mine are kittens. They are going come out so fuzzy and cute!!

Then she accused me of lying to her and I told her she should not say her mother is fat. She says she didn't say I was fat- she says I was pregnant.

Then the converstation veered off in the direction of chicken eggs and how humans are different and how I told her a long time ago that all moms have eggs inside them... Sheesh.

Makes me want to have some scrambled baby chickens & sausage (for breakfast tomorrow maybe).

Today's Lesson: I should consider a short lesson in thoughtfulness to Gwyn and forget about explaining the eggs thing till she's maybe a few months older.

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A Trip Down Crazy Lane: said...

You crack me up! Poor Gwen, did you end up telling her there really is no baby? Or ARE YOU PREGNANT!!!???? Lol. Kids are funny huh? I tried to have Hayden feel Gracie kick but he got scared...and pulled down my shirt. lol.