Monday, February 23, 2009

glasses, cat puke, and pondering

So I planned this long hilarous blog for all of you today... and I realized I must have left my glasses at work. Either that or I'm wearing my horrible scrached ones tomorrow. Anyway the computer is a blur and not because of my eyes... Well actually- it is becuase of my eyes. If they would behave and just have perfect vision then I wouldn't be in this situation.

Anyway I lied about the really hilarous blog. Sorry, but I'll try to make this somewhat interesting.

While I was scrambing in my brain for something completely hilarous to actually share, nothing came to mind, except that my cat pukes a lot. I don't think it's all because he's old, he's always done it. He's a nervous fellow. If his food bowl is too low or too full, BAM, if Millie chases him too much, BAM! He licks too much and sleeps too much, ect, ect.

I got new furniture and I have never had anything nice or matching. I didn't even have it a month before the cat vomited on it! I was so mad. I thought for sure a child would do something first. What is wierd is that cat never vomits on furniture- it's usually the floor (we got a carpet shampooer just for him).

So for Christmas Samantha Claus got this nice fluffy pillow- just for me- for the dining room. I'm always sitting on one of our bedroom pillows becuase I sit all day at work I hate to sit in a hard chair at home. Well lets just say that pillow died a painful death and leave it at that.

So we went out and got pillows for ALL the chairs for the dining room. Garry only sits on mine for some reason! And of course- you got it. He christined it finally today with his cat vomit... *sigh* I can never win this battle with the vomiting cat!

Lesson: I can cover the furniture, but I can't cover everything. I must choose my battles wisely. He wins this one, but if he thinks I'm letting him under the blankets tonight he's got another thing coming...

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