Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yeah... about picking your battles

So today as I was leaving for work I see Garry getting all comfortable in my (3rd new- OKAY, actually I stole it from one of the kids) dining room pillow. I'm thinking 'ha ha you aren't going to sit on my pillow today you vomiting jerk!' So I walk around the table and turn ALL the pillows up so he cant lay on them. I'm SO mean!

So when I get home there he is curled and snuggled up on the top of the couch, drooling. I guess he got the better of me didn't he?

Tomorrow I will sacrifice my dining room pillows... Well not mine specifically, but maybe the one that died (it's still around for emergency butt use)- I will leave that for him. That is a good compromise is it not? I will just pass out if I come home to find Garry tainted my furniture again!

Lesson: Cat's are smarter than we give them credit for. He knew my intentions and took advantage of the situation. That is why he never leaves his hair balls on the kitchen floor where they are easy to mop up.

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