Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A good motto

Alex Haley's favorite motto is "Find the good and praise it." That is a good motto to think about, especially if you have had a really rotton day. Of course I suppose in a way that is kind of how I have chosen to live my life. Maybe not exactly those words- I try to find the humor and learn my lessons- but same difference. I basically look for the good things every day.

Yesterday was a really stinky day and I kept thinking- I know something funny happened. I was looking for something that made my day more bearable. You know- misery loves company so when you bring yourself into a bad mood it's hard to find something good because you just don't want to. I guess it's partly an attitude thing because I knew I was in a bad mood and didn't want to be, but every time I resolved to stop the 'tude- another dark cloud piled on my thunderhead.

Anyway I was folding laundry and I kind of ripped a finger nail off. The only reason my nails grow is because I work in an office. I told Kirby I just wasn't cut out for the hard labor of laundry anymore! ...and laundry was the easiest part of my day!

I know that wasn't very funny, but he wanted to cut if off with his knife. Sorry I guess I was too cranky to be humorous yesterday.

Lesson: Keep on trying because it's in there! That little bug still crawls, even when you're being a cranky butt.

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