Saturday, February 7, 2009

I've slept with another OR cat juice- you pick

The snow on the ground is melting away today. It's the first time I've seen the grass in weeks and weeks. Of course it's all brown and gross. That got me to thinking of other things that are brown and gross.

Like my cats eyes that water. I wipe them out with a little kleenex and it's kind of brownish and gooey.

So anyway I know everyone wants to know about this other I have been sleeping with. I've known him all his life. Yes, he sleeps under the covers with me; he likes to cuddle. He'll bite if I move too much. He's over 11 in human years, but I figure in cat years he's about 60.

Seriously though it's annoying, like sleeping with a small child that sneaks into your room. Instead of quietly getting into bed and falling asleep, he purrs on top of my head for a while, paws at me (because I make him so happy), and moves from one cuddly spot to another.

I have to bury my hands in under my blankets because he'll put his head under them and force me to pet him. It woudn't be so bad (I actually like the pawing, it's like a mini-massage), but for the fact he does have watery eyes AND the last few months he's taken up drooling. He can be kind of wet. It's annoying.

Most recently I give up and open my blanket so he can crawl under and get comfortable so I can sleep. It was after a few hours one night he came out and shook his head in my face and his eyes and mouth were full of cat juice.

I got sprayed ALL over my face in my sleep. It was so disgusting and I was half asleep; all I kept thinking was those brown eye goops I have wiped from him. I wiped my face off on the blanket (gross I know, but I was sleeping). I got comfortable enough to fall back into my deep sleep and snuggled into my pillow only to snuggle into another COLD wet cat juicy spot. By this time I was awake enough to shove him off the bed and trade pillows.

He is just a very attention-demanding cat. I love him, I have watched him grow and develop his personality and taken care of him since he was a kitten. I have worried and even cried when he did things that scared me. He is a part of my family.

The lesson I learned: I seriously need to break him of the sleeping with me habit (much like I had to do with my daughter). OR I just need to be sure to point his body away from my face when he's getting out of the covers... OR get him to sleep with my son. Gavin sleeps like a rock. Nothing wakes that boy up!

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