Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last Blog Of The Month

All in all this was a good month, but it's really hard to say "Februrary" was a good month or a bad month when really you're shorted. I mean what if the 1-2 days following the last day are so awesome or horrific that could really make a difference on how the month went? But in reality that is the start of March so you can't count it. Normally it would be the end of a regular month, though. I just feel jipped.

Maybe that is why we have so many holidays. Like how a grown up tries to talk a toddler into something that is cool but you really know it isn't. "Look at this cup it's red; red is the best color, it's so shiny." When you know thier favorite color is blue, but the blue cup is $2 more because there is a swirly straw attached and you're too cheap because they're just going to lose it so why pay the extra $2 for a swirly straw (because they don't make the plain ones in blue, only red) so you have to talk them into the one they don't really want.

So anyway the government is like "Look Februrary is AWESOME- we have Groundhog day, Presidents Day, Valentines, Lincolns Birthday (observed), We even have the superbowl, and Black History Month, Ash Wednesday, and for the partiers- Mardi Gras!! It is also American Heart Month and my personal favorite Chocolate Lovers Month (good thing it is also National Dental Month), As well as National Bird Feeding Month.

If you want to know the "every day is a holiday" for Februrary go here:

Anyway I don't know if jipped is a real word. I'm going to go look it up....... it's not. At least not in the dictionary I looked it up in. So I hope everyone's Februrary was as good as mine. I guess I'll change mine to average. I had some really funny moments that I had the privelege of sharing with all of you. I also had a couple rotton days I shared with you, too. It's like I said before- you have to have bad days to be able to appreciate the good days. I've had a healthy combination of both. We have dealt witht he colds and coughs that Februrary often brings, and it wasn't too terrible. I think Gavin is ready to be over his cold...

I'm ready for March. It's like they say "in like a lion- out like a lamb." I certaintly hope the lion part only lasts for a day or two because I'm seriously ready for some spring weather. I'm ready to get outside!! Fresh air, open the windows, plant flowers, clean the yard, I'm ready for the changes and feel good that the new season brings.

Life lesson: appreciate the holidays because I don't think March has as many... (I should look those up, too)

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