Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Tooth-less Fairy

A few days ago, like last Thursday, my daughter lost one of her front teeth. I think losing your teeth is so disgusting... Anyway- she was working it so hard the night before, pulling, wiggling, and being so gross I had to tell her to stop. I was like 'it'll come out when it's ready.'

So the next morning she's eating breakfast and she's excited because it fell out. I'm so grossed out because she's holding it in her hand wanting to show me. I tell her to put it in a baggie so she doesn't lose it.

Apparently Gavin put it in a baggie and he put it in his pocket. You guessed it. He took it to school. I was just glad he rememberd to take it out of his pockets before putting them in the hamper!

I was joking around about how I wasn't going to say anything to her about the tooth, see how long it takes for her to remember to get it under her pillow. Well she is banking it. Saving it up. That's right. She thinks becuase it was a front tooth that means big bucks. I had to trade a green dollar for a gold dollar and it's still in my purse because her tooth is in Gavin's room because she's waiting for her other one to fall out.

So I have the wierdest kids or what??

Lesson: You know the economy is bad when the tooth fairy can't even get her own.

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