Friday, February 20, 2009

Whiney Baby

That is what I'm being.

I was doing some extra work upstairs and I hear this loud thump thump thump and I see that Neds Head is tumbling down stairs. Garry is standing at the top of the steps with a statisified look on his cat face.

So I hear another smaller thump thump and see a headband falling down.

Apparently my cat learned a new trick. Gravity. What he can push from the top of the stairs will surely go to the bottom of the stairs. Garry had a blast learning his new trick, but it was overwhelming seeing things fall to the bottom of the steps and he soon ran down to play with these new "toys."

I was watching the cat play with my headband & thinking I shoudn't be such a whiney cranky butt, all consumed with work issues. I DO have a life outside of that place- and I need to re-focus and remember that. The work will still be there when I get there in the morning... I am an adult and I know I need to be a grown up and face my problems I have. Or suck it up and deal with it... Or I can take the cowards way out and leave. I'm too responsible for that.

I'm sorry for the blogs I posted if they were out of line. I was in a really cranky mood. But it's like I started out. You have to have bad days sometimes. You wouldn't be human if you didn't. Thanks Garry for learning gravity to show me that things that go down must also be brought back up, like Neds Head (and my grim mood).

Lesson: Be prepared to suffer the consequences of your actions. If you push something, it's going to move and where it will move you'd better be prepared for it.

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