Thursday, June 18, 2009

If You've Ever Wondered...

Here is what people with migraines can eat that won't trigger a migraine:


Also, you must not skip meals or else that will trigger a migraine. Good luck. :)

I don't have a migraine right now, but I thought of that last time I did have one and I've been meaning to share. It made me smile.

I was thinking of inventing human food. We can manufacturer it much like cat food (I saw Bill Nye make dog food). I'm sure it would be easy. I would totally eat that. Mmmm. I could make different kinds like baby human food (i.e. kitten food) senior human food for active seniors... Science diet (that would be mine). Oh the ideas are flowing... I suppose I should have gotten a patent on it before blogging it to the wide world.

Kirby just pointed out that if I did this my cat may eat people food... Well I could always get back at him by eating his cat food. he he he

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