Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yeah it wasn't that great

So I have a lot to say, I've made some changes in my life I'm almost ready to blab about on the Internet, but my finger is still hurting and swollen from the sting so I'm not much into typing long pieces of wordy things right now...
:( I want to, but my fingers don't. Hmmm... maybe I should get them on pain pills because we all know how crazy they can act.

Anyway I wanted my faithful readers to know- I threatened to go out into my flower bed and find that critter that mistook my finger for a beefsteak and I was going to smoosh it... but Kirby talked me down from the violence. That, and my mild allergy to mosquito's and that this vicious thing may eat some (If it wasn't a bee and didn't die when it stung me)... *sigh*

So that is where I am. Oh and I adapted to one handed typing pretty well, it's just a HUGE pain in my arse.

Lesson: When looking at my flowers, be a defensive flower looker and remember my surroundings and what could lurk nearby.

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