Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wrong Number

First off- I just read my previous blog. Don't EVER let me blog when I take a pain pill for my migraine again... Half of that makes NO sense. Well it does to me, but I realize that it doesn't to my readers.

So anyway I call one of my customers "Tommy" who gave me a cell phone to call back when found his information.

I call for Tommy and the guy on the other end says "No, this isn't Tommy you have the wrong number." I apologise and hang up and try again. He answers and says, "Yeah this is Tommy... Just kidding it's still the wrong number." Then we had a little laugh.

Apparently my tech gave me a wrong digit in his phone number. OOPS. Someone called my cell phone 3 times yesterday for Paul. Too bad I didn't know my new trick then.

Thanks Mr. Wrongnumber for the laugh.

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