Sunday, June 28, 2009

2 posts in one day bug me

So why am I doing it? Because that last one was really depressing and I wanted to let you all know while there is a very small part of me that is saddened, I am not really sad.

I use all kind of analogies to try to figure "people" out and the one that comes into my mind is a marble. There are a lot of colors and things people can put into a marble when creating them. Most are the generic cat eyes and all look typically the same with 3 general colors. However, there also many varietys that are totally off the wall and different. I think I'm one of the different ones. You can look into me and you see what you choose to see.

Of course if you don't look hard enough or if you're eyesight isn't good enough you're only going to see a few colors. In all honesty, I think a lot of people are like that and we hide behind our cat eyes.

I had a great weekend. I think Gavin and Gwyn would have had SO much fun, but I'm sure they had fun doing whatever they did.

It is really hard sharing your children with anyone, even the other parent (if you are not together). On top of that I have to share them with other families. It is a wonderful thing that they are loved by so many people. They have thier dad's family, my family, Kirby's family, and I'm sure even their dad's girlfriend's family. It is really hard to split your precious time with your children. Of course I make plans around when I don't have them, but that doesn't mean that I don't miss them!

I miss them terribly. My house has been quiet too much lately. I was looking at Gavin's unmade bed and I made it for him. I miss Gwyneth's hugs sooo much! No one can possibly tell me they understand unless they are in my shoes.

Okay I got off track there, but I think you get my point with the marble thing. If you're going to look into my marble, make sure you're looking deep enough to see all the colors before passing judgement. I know it's hard, but I'll try to do the same, too.

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