Sunday, June 21, 2009

yeah... My monkey did it.

My 300 year old lady neighbor has these 3 mini collie yapper dogs. Yeah at least HERS don't bark at 4 am (and wake me up, that's our other neighbor). But she lets them poop in my yard. We do not have a dog, just Garry the vomiting cat and Millie the window licker.

So I get out of my car today and am thisclose to stepping in dog poop for the zillionth time. There are about a dozen dog turds in my yard (on her side side) and a nice "freshish"one in our driveway. I'm *sick* of it. I get my poop flinger and fling it back into her yard. Because I'm mad a lot of it goes into her drive way...

So here's the deal. If HER dog is pooping in MY yard why do I feel guilty because I flung some into HER driveway? I mean there was poop in my driveway, too. We were going to move it into the grass, but decided not to. She says she keeps her dogs fenced in her back yard, but I have photos of her dogs in my yard and driveway.

Speaking of photos- we found out if we can get photos of the dogs doing it and the owner doesn't clean it up that is $50 a fine per photo... (I have to leave the mess in my yard for inspection when we turn it in, "proof" they didn't clean it up). Because dog poop is nasty. Some of the bacteria harbored in dog poo includes E. coli, fecal coliform bacteria, salmonella and giardia. *scary*

If you own a pet you need to be responsible for, and that includes cleaning up after it, not only feeding, watering, and housing it.

Kirby suggested we take Garry and have him vomit all in their yard. Yeah only 2 things:
#1 Garry doesn't vomit on command.
#2 If you step in it, you aren't going to be freaking out cleaning it out of the crevices of your shoes because of how disgusting it is... although I'm sure it's unsanitary, but I wasn't able to find what kind of germs were in cat vomit.

Me? I'd rather step in a cat hairball than a doggy doo any day!

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