Wednesday, June 3, 2009

holey rusted shoes

My kids shoes are so holey and ratty. I wonder if they didn't wear shoes what their feet would look like. I mean their feet don't have holes and ratty pieces of skin hanging off. How can their shoes seriously look that horrible? Today was the last day of school and Gavin's gym shoes were practically brand new. He's like "they're kind of small" I told him he's throwing away his current shoes and wearing those almost too small gym shoes until I buy him a pair of new ones. Then we're measuring his foot like a normal person and getting him shoes that fit. Apparently children think if you can't fit your foot in the shoe with out untying it then it's too small.

So with that said- I wonder how long it'll be before the ex'll get mad that I didn't get shoes yet because I said I was going to last week? In my defense I had a migraine. That pesky Wal-Mart!

Lesson: The Chinese (was it the Chinese, I don't want to be politically incorrect) had a good idea in wrapping their feet, they saved a lot of money in shoes I bet.

I can spend as much money in one pair of Gavin or Gwyneth's shoes as one pair for myself. Of course I'm not a name brand girl... I'm working it. It's hard to be high maintenance when you can't afford it.

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A Trip Down Crazy Lane: said...

Tony just told me he needs new shoes...and then he showed me. His foot is about to come out of the bottom. Good question tho, I wonder what our feet would look like if our shoes look like that...but if we didnt wear shoes, we might be more careful wear we step. Which then or course our feet might not even come close to looking like our shoes...hmmm.....