Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wow Thanks for the Enlightenment Lisa

For those that DO follow my blog (and read the comments) I have to make a few corrections here. First off: Word of advice: Divorce is never pretty. And if you have children it's not over when you sign the papers.

Anonymous is Adam, Ma Baby Daddy's brother (would you prefer me to say sperm donor? because I'm feeling feisty!). Because Adam is about Kirby's age, but has the maturity of a school boy. He's ALWAYS made comments like that and the hatred runs deep within him. Even when I WAS part of the family Adam's always been rude and crass. If you have a myspace you've seen his comments; I still have them. I have re posted them under my "blast from the past blogs" word for word as well. Adam is a jerk, plain and simple. Personally, I think he's jealous.

Lisa can trash and run her mouth all she wants. She'd be a good drama blogger. People that know me have already formed their opinions of me. If they don't like me I really don't care. They don't have to read my blog and if people that know me change their minds because of my blog- then so be it.

Now to another point: Lisa, because she's the knowing all of everything, especially ME, (apparently because I hung around her for 1 week in 2004) she knows my entire inner workings and attitude on life and EVERYTHING... simply amazing. I wish I had that kind if intuition. Especially since she knows exactly how my mind works so much better than I do.

Anyway she says I should know ALL the facts, eh? Well perhaps, just MAYBE she should know all the facts, too besides the one sided here say and the small portions she grabbed from my blog (which she obviously didn't read, because some of this info will be a little redundant). I don't know- maybe you should take a little of your own advice, Lisa???

I didn't get a baby sitter on Father's day, which was Sunday. We spent the entire day with Josh and had a wonderful time. I got a babysitter on my Anniversary which was Saturday (as I recall I posted the blog on Saturday so I don't see how you even made that mistake), for a few hours so we could go out. It wasn't planned that we would have Josh, but we ended up having him all weekend instead of just on Father's Day. So it was a pleasant surprise. And you have a problem with that? Since when is MY business with MY NEW husband yours? Do I monitor when you have a sitter for your children so you can go out??

ps- on Father's day I had my children make a card for their dad- and pappy. Of course if the "family" doesn't appreciate that I had them take time out of their hard playing to do that, I don't have to. I've done that every year since my divorce. I'm sure Mark doesn't care, but I can think of better things to do for that hour I waited for the 3 photos to develop for his card and the 45 minutes we spent in making it. Do you think they would do that on their own? I'm going to say um- no.

Oh and another fact Lisa didn't have is the e-mails and texts I have from Mark. I have 3 different times that he asked for the kids. Yes, count them- 3 different dates. 1, 2, 3. First one doesn't even have dates just "most likely... first week of Aug...It might just be like 3 days" THEN I have 3-8. Then the last and final dates of 2-7. Now just in case I was wrong I checked my calendar just now and 2 is a SUNDAY and 7 is a Friday. So Maybe Miss Lisa smarty pants YOU should have ASKED ME and we could have consulted our calendars together because I think yours is off. Oh that explains why you think we had a sitter on Father's Day.

Next you say that "peculiar that you and Kirby would both be allowed two 4 day weekends off in a row throughout the summer." Well I think that goes down into MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Until you consult me on what you do with your vacation time I don't think it's your business what we do with our vacation time.

I'll admit I'm wrong- and this blog is probably wrong because I'm dragging it out, but hey- it's my blog and I can't let your snide comment have the last word. Oh yeah, I wanted to retaliate and get some facts straightened out, too.

I know I'm not perfect. I've never said I was. But I'm a blogger and I'm not going to stop just because someone is mad at me. If something is on my mind that isn't cute and fuzzy- well that's why I have it. Blogging has always been a good outlet. Does it step on toes? Yes. Do people have opinions? Yes. Do they tell me I'm wrong? Yes. Not very often though, except ex-family that thinks they know everything about me. The point is I blog, I like it, and I don't mind the comments- good and bad. That is one of the reasons I allow anyone and everyone to comment, even Adam under Anonymous- but I'll call you out it if I know who you are. So don't get all whiny if I do. If its not Adam then maybe he should take it up with me. But it is. This a blog. It's for me, it's public because I know I'm not the only one with a crazy life.

I only use first names, I never put last names. I never put exact locations, or identifying information. If I want to complain about work then fine. If I want to complain about YOU then fine. If I want to be happy cheerful then fine. What do you care. Except to "check" on me.

Oh and if Lisa wants the kids to see how horrible I am when they grow up, FYI: I am saving all my blogs, journals, letters, everything for them. When they are older and want to know "what happened" Even the bad stuff I did and the mistakes I made. I'm genuine, I have them. I'm not afraid to show them these blogs when they get older (or her nasty comment).

They can see how many times their family has called me names. ...Of course I have done some name calling here- not near as much as has been slandered on MY name... Okay 3. Ma Baby Daddy, sperm donor, and I called Adam a rude, crass, jealous, jerk with the maturity of a school boy. I'm sure he'd say the same thing about me. Oh and he or Mark made the comment about my mother being a nazi... Yeah that's creative. Oh and is that the brilliant comment that you are referring to Lisa?

I told my grandma myself I'm her grand baby mama. I think you and your family just want to find anything and everything to be mad at me about when the only person you have to be mad at is yourself you say I'm rude and selfish, but your comment shows me that you're no better.

Now the million dollar accusation:

The "real" reason I said "no" is because Mark argued with me and pressed my buttons (because he knows how- we're so good at fighting) and I got angry because Mark is something I'm not going to say on here. It wasn't even 24 hours later that I told his mom they could go. I didn't say it to torture the kids. Geez what am I going to get child abuse because I got into a fight with my ex that the entire family's been drug into?? I've said a million (okay not a million) but I wanted the kids to see their family blah blah blah blah. It's good to see your family. Get to know the people you're related to. I will say it till my lips turn blue that I want the kids to see the family. They obviously don't care. They just want to be mad and blame someone. So fine let them blame me.

PS I still don't take the blame for Florida. I've ranted enough on this subject... for now. I suppose if this is going to turn into a drama blog it'll get popular Hmm??? Drama always attracts readers more than cute and funnies.


Ann said...

whether your right or their right- what does your fathers day plans have to do with them going to florida in august? Why did lisa even bring that up?

Anonymous said...

If you knew anything you would know that anonymous is neither mark or Adam it's someone that worked with you at heritage you freakin fetal alcohol syndrome moron! I don't know who in their right mind would want to have sex with you and have kids! I sympathize for your so called sperm donor for having to put up with you forever because the time I spent with you at heritage was enough for me to want to committ your dumbass to a mental hospital!

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter who posts as Anonymous.
Some people just have opinions and other things that they want to say so that they can feel better about themselves.
Good grief. Grow up already.

Spaghetti Fields said...
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Lisa said...

Boy don't you get a little defensive when the plate gets hot.

Also to whomever wrote the why did lisa bring that up and also to Aryan it was just to point out that when you only get to see your kids 3 days a week those 3 days should be cherished and adult plans can always be rearranged for the sake of your child.

And so you know it isn't anyone in this family that is annoymous because it was after the drunk nazi comment that I made it a point to be sure it wasn't anyone is this family because no that is not the comment I meant as brillant I found that to be terribly offensive and disgusting as well and no one should be dragging your mother into this mess. So I appologize for for not being clear on that point.

Anonymous said...

Lisa is the knowing all prefectionist of everything. you should listen to her. just kidding. love your blog. hate her. she is the epitome of perfectionists that i'd like to go put dust bunnies under her bed.

Spaghetti Fields said...

My comment back to Lisa- that she'll never see hopefully since I changed the URL to my blogs to keep the harassment away-

I don't think I was defensive. I was just pointing out facts she didn't have. Notice she never argued her point back, but continued to harp on the fact that I celebrated my first anniversary for a few hours. And a feeble attempt to salvage Adam's rude comments. Funny no one ever did when I was on yahoo 360 or myspace. Why start now?