Monday, June 22, 2009

Florida Drama Kids Update...Sorry for the terrible title

As of right now I don't have a clue if the kids are going to Florida or not. I'm going to say no and I'm 98% sure the family is saying it's MY fault.

So my ex mil and I exchanged some emails back and forth she explained the situation and I explained my point of view that ma baby daddy either: A. doesn't care or B. just doesn't understand. I think both.

EVERY SINGLE email I sent her I told her the kids could go. I explained that I wanted them to go. I wanted them to see their extended family, blah blah blah. She insisted we just keep our original plans.

It's funny (not ha ha funny, but ironic funny) I remember once when Uncle Chuck was married and his ex took everything she wanted out of the house while he was at work, including a photo frame she wanted (she left the photo which was of his parents) and the family was outraged. Of course I was a part of the family at the time and joined in on the gossip and verbal lynching of the woman. It's weird now how I can finally understand the other side of things- being on the other side. Not that any one of us ever knew her side. We were in another state!!

I don't expect ma baby daddy's family to ever side with me, but I would like to be understood once in a while. His mother (whom I used to think myself very close to, but I'm not her daughter in law- or any connection. Just an ex member, and that makes me sad... but that's another sad blog and I've cried too many tears for her) Anyway- his mother said she didn't like it when I call him "ma baby daddy" Well Mark himself said to me what goes around comes around. I only started that nick name because he called me "his baby mama" (and worse). The other nick names I can't post on my blog.

If his mother ever knew the text messages her son sent me (that I still have, for the purpose of records)... well I don't know. Lets just say I have things that he's called/said about me that I can't repeat. When "Anonymous" (who is one of her sons, Adam likely) left that message saying how selfish, holier than thou, spiteful, hateful, and self-serving (I copied and pasted those exact words, btw). OH- I have other comments from other blogs, too- Where is my MOM to write Adam and tell him that even though I do wrong things (and I told my ex mil in the emails I was wrong in losing my temper)... where is my mom to say I'm still HER daughter and he shouldn't say those things about me? Huh? Where is someone to defend me, even though I'm not perfect??

Anyway I got a little off subject there, what I wanted to say was:

I get the feeling that Mark pressed my buttons (because we're so good at fighting) because he WANTED me to lose my temper and say NO the one friggin time so they would have someone to blame for not going to Florida. I don't think anyone really wanted to go. Because if they did then they would just go (with my freaking blessings).


Anonymous said...

I sure hope that blog wasn't meant to be judgemental and vindictive -kinda sounded that way.

Lisa Giammo said...

Oh poor innocent Aryan,
First off you should really stop running your mouth when you don’t know all the facts. Truth is when you told Mark the kids couldn’t come visit us because of your selfishness (which I can say because I know your side of the story by reading your ridiculous blog and also I know you well enough to know your attitude) Todd cancelled the plans. Todd emailed his boss as soon as he got the text from Mark saying they couldn’t come and changed his vacation week so he could have Christmas off instead of wasting a week doing nothing. So when mom told us that you changed your mind well, it was to late. So YES it is YOUR FAULT that they can’t come to Florida. Maybe instead of being so selfish and vindictive (because we all know the real reason you said no was because it wasn’t you taking them to Florida to do all the cool things we had planned for them) you should have just said yes instead of making it out to be so much drama. So you spoiled their fun for your spitefulness. Perhaps maybe you should have looked at the dates that Mark gave you (and according to your blog he gave them to you that was how you knew he was screwing you out of 2 weekends) you would have realized that you would have only missed a ½ day because they weren’t leaving till late Sunday and they were returning on a Thursday night so you’d have them back by Friday morning. Now I don’t know your work schedule however I find it most peculiar that you and Kirby would both be allowed two 4 day weekends off in a row throughout the summer. I also find it peculiar that you would rant and rave about how great you are in teaching the children to praise and respect mothers day but yet on fathers day you got a babysitter for Kirby’s son while you went out on the town, a bit hypocritical don’t you think. That is a whole different issue that I won’t involve myself in. Back to the grind if you had looked at the dates you’d have realized that no one was dipping into two of your weekends.

Anyhow enough with that I just wanted to be sure and clear up the mess that you created and are again trying to blame on Mark.

The main reason for me involving myself in the petty, pity Aryan drama is to tell you to STOP dragging my family including my niece and nephew (Gavin and Gwyn) into such publicized drama over the internet for your own personal gratification. I’m not sure what you get out of dragging people through the mud and having your so called friends cheer you on but it’s time you grow up and knock it off. Go ahead and continue your Life of Aryan blog, brag about your husband, complain about your work life, tell cute stories of the kids, but what goes on between you, Mark, the children and this family should be kept off the internet. Any sensible person would realize that so I figure I’d share my common sense with you because all your doing is setting your kids up to one day possible see this crap and who is going to be hurting then. Also you really owe my MIL an apology she could care less about you and Mark all she wants is what is best for Gavin and Gwyn they are what is important. Also don’t ever refer to her as “my baby grandma” that is disgusting and disrespectful!

One more thing “Annomous” isn’t any one in this family we would have proudly put our name on such a brilliant comment. So I guess you should start thinking about how your so called friends really look at you!

Have a great summer. I’ll give you the dates now so you have them prior to April 1st we are planning on coming up the week of April 3rd which is Gavin and Gwyn’s spring break so I hope by then you’ve grown up some and will allow them to take a vacation to see their family!

Spaghetti Fields said...

FYI- I removed the horrid commend "anonymous" aka Adam made about my mother. I made a reference to it in the next blog, but I certaintly know his mother didn't raise him to be that way and he sould be ashamed to even have said that, despite his feelings toward me.