Friday, June 26, 2009


It's usually Kirby's job to get the cat drool off of the furniture, but today since I'm home I tried to. Let me tell you I think Garry drools glue. That stuff is hard to get out! I don't now what I'm going to do with that old feline.

I was cleaning the house and texting a friend, she's going through a hard time and I have a +5 in xp for her situation. I told her she could text me anytime. You always wonder why you have to go through certain things and someone always says "there is a reason" blah bah, well I say f that reason. It sucks I had to ever go through any sucky situation, but I'm glad I'm able to give my pointless advice and shoulders. I hope when it comes down to it for her she doesn't have to be the one on the other end helping a good friend of hers for something similar. Her situation makes me want to cry. I told her I would make her a cake. Cake always makes me feel better.

The good thing about cake is you can have a piece in the morning and it's just the same as eating a creme filled doughnut.

Oh good news! I have an interview with another company on Monday! yay! Because my current company isn't working out the way I'd like it to.

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