Monday, June 8, 2009

lots of pointless babble (thanks to pain pills)

So in a matter of I don't know how long- it was a long time (I was doing other stuff in between and during) I posted 113 old blogs. Can I say "yikes holey cow." I'm not quite caught up to the Spaghetti blogs (when I found this site), but I'm getting there.

There were some funny ones. Well one that made me laugh a few times. Let's see if I can remember which one it was... um no. That was just too many. I made one about a rock that fell in my face and that was why it's messed up. Just kidding. I bet that made you laugh though.

My friend Missy had her baby and I love babies and I just want to kiss it and hold it and love it!!! I am SO happy and excited for you and I wish I could really express it to you!

Oh I finally let the cat out of the bag to everyone at my work. Yeah, I'm quitting. Thursday is my last day. I was thinking of doing it by bringing in goodbye doughnuts or some kind of comfort food. But we all know they won't be that heartbroken by it (I'm sure doughnuts wouldn't be turned down). But I did it in a much better and personal way. I sent a private message to everyone via email.

I really do work with a wonderful group of peeps. I think it's funny when people say that because all I picture are the chicks you eat at Easter.

Seriously- focus. I really do work with a wonderful group of people. I will miss them all. It was really hard making the decision to quit. But there are a lot of reasons, most of them are too boring to get into. But I need to do this for myself. I really wanted stay, but then I knew I couldn't. I have a lot going on. But like I said it's boring stuff and I'd like to keep the few readers that I have. :)

Okay I'm being a looney bin because my head started splitting open and spewing migraine ooze into my eye. So I took a pain pill and sometimes it makes me feel a little loopy. I probably shouldn't write when I can't focus, but my fingers won't stop typing (and I type fast). They think faster than my brain does some things. It's a good thing they are good spellers.

So back to my job thing- I have a prospect and I am a licensed by the state to sell life, accident, and health insurance... So that is what I am going to try. If it doesn't work I will get a "real" job again and perhaps you will see me when I seat you at Applebees. I chose Applebees because I have a connection there if all else fails and I become desperate for a job. Or McDonald's. I have experience there. I'm sure my ServSafe certification has expired tho. I'll have to look.

I keep thinking about my favorite customers and that makes me really sad, too.

Okay I'd better stop before I make a fool of myself.

Lesson: perhaps I shouldn't blog when my head hurts and I'm under the influence of pain pills that only make me not care about the pain instead of make it go away. I hope though that I took the pill in enough time that the headache will go away (and my headache won't make my stomach a blech) That is the worst. My stomach already hurts from being all pms-y, but I won't get into that. I've babbled pointlessly enough as it is.

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