Tuesday, June 30, 2009

marbles and hurdles

No I didn't lose them. I've made 2 blogs today and my computer keeps glitching them. It won't save my drafts. Grrr.

Ironic I would lose my marbles after using a marble analogy.

Kirby was pretty mad because my cousin and I agree that Santa Claus would beat Snow White in hurdles. It was our new game "who would win" So Kirby called the game designer and complained and HE was the one that won!

Anyway I'm sticking to it that Santa Claus would beat Snow White in hurdles. For one thing, just because Santa is fat doesn't mean he can't move. He can squeeze through chimneys and manage to not knock trees down or break ornaments and he's as quiet as a mouse! So you know he's stealthy.

Snow White is as bad as a teeny bopper running in a horror film with her high heal shoes and long gowns and tripping over twigs every 5 seconds. There she goes screaming like the girl she at the scary thing sticking in her way (it's a hurdle, dear, not a scary monster). She may be skinny, but physical appearance isn't everything. She's clumsy.

Of course if you disagree I'm welcome to hear your arguments:

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HoosierDaddy said...

I will have to agree with Kirby on this one. Santa would have to use his magic to win and that would be cheating. Without magic Santa is just a jolly old fat man in a red suit.