Monday, June 15, 2009

Wow, boys + summer = stinky

I do have very good news for my fingers!! The one that got stung is pretty much all better except for the tiny little teeth marks you can see in it. I never did get my revenge... lucky bastard. It had better be eating other bugs in my flowerbed or else (if you could see me I'd be shaking my fist).

So the kids got these cup and ball things. I swear those are rigged. I tried it for like 5 minutes and it wouldn't go in. I did manage not to hit myself. The only way I could get the ball in the cup is if I put the dratted thing upside down and put the cup over it. I got like 11 in a row before I got bored and stopped.

Of course I guess I should add that Kirby schmirby did it in like .02 seconds. Show off.

Who here has boys? I have a couple. My son and my step son... and for the summer we also have my step son's half brother who's pretty much another son of ours. Well boys are stink-y. If you have one multiply that by 3 pre-teens. Yuck.

I started laundry today. Usually I do on Sundays, but I thought for sure my laundry elf would come back and throw me a bone for the summer... apparently not. He's still mad about the stomach flu incident last winter apparently. I told him not to worry about it; I would take care of it. ANYWAY- Boy's hamper stinks. Play outside all day get all sweaty and dirty and stinky. WOW.

I wonder if I was that bad as a kid. Probably. I was a gross kid sometimes, I think.

Lesson: if their socks are wadded up make them do it because I ain't touching that nasty.


enginer230 said...

Hey, I have to side with stinky boys here.
You know Gwyn was bragging about how stinky she was last night! :-)

Spaghetti Fields said...

Gwyn may have been bragging about it, but it wasn't her laundry that almost had me running to the bathroom...

mollie.dirig said...

As a mother of three boys, albeit not of pre-teens, I can definately side with you! They are disgusting sometimes! They peel off their socks and leave them half-rolled up, their undies are all twisted in their shorts, the shirt sleeves and tucked here and there.... Ugh! I hate doing their laundry. If I can help it, they do it themselves. As in, they take it off of their dirty body and put it directly in the washing machine. Lately though, I have been running behind on the laundry and a load has been in the washer for a couple days... Ew. Oh well. Open the lid, toss in more dirty undies and rewash. Tada! Done... Now I am the one rambling... And I am not on pain med. Just head med. Sometimes that has the same affect.. or is it effect? I can never remember... Anyway. I should have blogged this, instead of commenting it. Whew. I'm sweating. Okay, time to run. ♥